The other benefits of Invisalign in Sheffield

Invisalign is generally used by our dentists to help straighten out any troublesome teeth that may be crooked or out of line in your mouth. We manage this through the gentle application of pressure through a custom-moulded, clear, plastic brace to provide you with a neater and straighter smile.

But, did you know that there are also some extra benefits to this therapy aside from having straight teeth?
Here are a few additional advantages you can enjoy from going through an Invisalign in Sheffield programme.

Aids in digestion

Having crooked teeth means more than a ‘less than confident’ smile, it also causes your food to be broken down into larger chunks that your body then struggles to cope with digestively. This manifests itself in you feeling bloated and full for longer, as well as the occasional bout of acid reflux or uncomfortable feelings of indigestion.

Once your teeth are straightened through Invisalign in Sheffield your meals are then chewed up in your mouth into much smaller and easier to manage chunks for your stomach.

It can help ease speech problems

Issues surrounding speech such as stuttering, stumbling, slurring or whistling noises when you say particular words or sentences, can in some cases be eased through a realignment. This is managed by straightening your teeth into a position that allows your tongue and jaws to move more comfortably when you speak which should in turn help lessen your symptoms.

Reduce chronic jaw pain

When we chew, bite or clench our teeth together the amount of force that’s exerted is normally distributed evenly around your mouth and jaw. However, where there are crooked or overcrowded segments of teeth, that force is spread unevenly around that area, which can cause feelings of pain or a general ache throughout the day as you talk or eat.

Going through a realignment with Invisalign allows us to straighten out these crooked parts to allow the pressure of your bite to spread more evenly across your mouth and hopefully reduce your feelings of discomfort over time.

At Dee Kay Dental our talented team will help diagnose any issues you may have, to get you on the path to a speedy recovery.

Aid sufferers of bruxism

Another particularly common problem patients have that could have its symptoms reduced through the application of a clear brace is bruxism. For those that are not familiar with it, bruxism is the process by which you chew and grind your teeth together at night when you sleep or when you’re stressed.

Over time this constant rubbing can lead to chips and cracks occurring in your teeth, as well as problems with your jaws such as aches, pains and popping or clicking noises whenever you move them. A clear brace can help reduce these symptoms over time, as the guard stops your teeth from grinding together whilst your sleep, or subconsciously through stress during your normal daily routine.

These are just a few additional health benefits that you can take advantage of going through Invisalign treatment. If you would like to learn more about the process or to schedule your own appointment, then get in touch with our team.