Why choose Dee Kay Dental for your Invisalign treatment

Have you always wanted to know what your smile would look like BEFORE starting on your teeth-straightening treatment? Well now you can with our exclusive MiSmile offer at Dee Kay Dental. MiSmile gives patients the welcome opportunity to view the ‘after’ version of your smile in 3D at your consultation appointment with our highly competent dental practitioner.

We offer a free smile evaluation as part of our quality service for all patients interested in Invisalign in Sheffield. We are a Diamond-accredited MiSmile dental practice that is recognised by Invisalign which means that our dental practitioners are fully trained with relevant credentials to carry out effective teeth-straightening procedures using this removable, aligner-based system.

While it is hard to come across anyone who isn’t familiar with the clear, removable retainer-like braces system (that caused a stir in the orthodontics industry when the concept was first introduced), not many are aware of the importance of prioritising a qualified and experienced dentist to supervise the treatment. Like any other cosmetic dental procedure or dental restoration treatment, whether so much depends on an aesthetically-pleasing result, an effective Invisalign in Sheffield procedure requires proficiency and experience. Here’s why we believe our dental practice should be your preferred choice when looking to improve your smile with Invisalign in Sheffield.

The Dee Kay Dental difference in distinctive smile enhancing treatments

We are a forward-thinking dental practice

We are fully committed to ensuring our patients receive the very best dental care we can offer them, and in order to accomplish this, we rely on trailblazing techniques and technologically-advanced equipment.

We offer our patients the sought after benefits of the iTero digital scanner. The use of this digital-supported technology helps us provide patients with a reliable and accurate view of their orthodontic journey.

We personalise every treatment plan for each individual patient

We consider ourselves a patient-centred practice where you are at the heart of what we do. Before prescribing a treatment plan, we factor in the patient’s preference for a particular treatment as well as their needs and goals (although we do make patients aware of the benefits and drawbacks of all treatment methods available to them) in order to ensure the patient gets the results they are after from a suitable treatment plan.

You engage with approachable dentists

There is nothing so disheartening when seeking dental care at the hands of an impatient and unfriendly dentist. Our dental practitioners are friendly, understanding and patient so you are welcome to ask your questions and voice your concerns.

We focus on quality dental care

We believe that only in providing a pleasant and positive dental experience and quality care that we can encourage long-term relationships with our patients. This will, in turn, make it more likely that our patients will take a proactive approach to their dental health and enjoy having the use of their natural teeth for far longer (ideally, for life).

For an efficient and stress-free dental service carried out by caring and competent dentists and where your comfort and safety are made a priority, visit us at Dee Kay Dental.